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For the coffee-lovers-nation:

 All of us have a variety of reasons to wake up happy every morning. And for coffee lovers, a good, hot, cup of aromatic coffee is the main one.

Coffee made nations rich and up to this day is the most acceptable excuse for routine brakes, brainstorming times, discussion gathering, or pure solitary reflection.

 The habit of coffee consumption brakes cultural boundaries.  It is one of those habits that people of different cultures or generations share. Preparing and savoring coffee is an international and multicultural language itself.

The Caffeination World was born to honors what unites coffee lovers all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. The Caffeination World will bring you products curated to celebrate what has become a culture in its own.

Join us in this celebration, either by sipping in your preferred mug, wearing a cheek t-shirt, sporting one of the comfy hoods, or gifting a loved one who shares the love for the arabica lifestyle.

 - The Caffeination World Team